Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The FilAm Mentorship Program

Hello Filipino-Americans of San Diego!

I am interested in putting together a Filipino-American Mentorship Program (FMP) in our Community as a way for us to give back as well as foster a bond between Filam Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Artists and the next generation of FilAms as well as our newest immigrants.

My goal is to bring us closer as a community and to show our newest immigrants and as well as next generation FilAms that whatever we put our hearts and mind into we can achieve it. The help of mentors of course will give our mentees that advantage in life and in their pursuit of whatever they dream of becoming.

Here's my rough idea and would really love to hear your feedback, input and ideas:

MENTORS- FilAm Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Artists who would love to share their knowledge, skills or life wisdom to other FilAms

MENTEES- Any FilAm who would like to learn from a fellow FilAm who has been successful in their own endeavor

TIME PERIOD- set between mentor and mentee for 3months or 6months commitment

FREQUENCY OF MEETING- set between mentor and mentee, 1hr meeting biweekly or monthly

MEETING PLACE-set by Mentor

The Filipino-American and the Mentors in this program is doing this program with absolutely no compensation and done as purely voluntary capacity. The Filipino-American and the Mentors volunteering for this program cannot be held liable for anything that happens during the FMP as long as The Filipino-American and Mentors have acted professionally  and responsibly to the best of their ability during the entire program. The Filipino-American shall not be held liable for the conduct of the Mentors who volunteered for FMP.