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December 2011 The Filipino-American Story: Oishi Media Editor/Director Dj Duel

Visiting Oishi Media and reading from my (twitter) timeline almost daily I can feel DJ Duel's passion for his work, the fire that burns within him reaches you! What is even better is this young Filam also supports our community!

Recently, Oishi Media just released a beautiful production for Christmas, Fall Out of Love by Krystle Cruz a San Diego Filam talent that we featured also here at The Filipino-American...

Dj Duel, Director/Editor Oishi Media

Dj Duel, what is your full name? Marvin DjDueL Suerto

Where were you born? I was born in Quezon City, Philippines

You are currently based in LA, correct? Thats absolutely correct! Northeast Los Angeles

Your first passion, is being a Scratch DJ, can you tell us what that is? I originally broke into the industry as a Battle DJ. With my crew, "SpinCycleLA - Dj's Rever, War, WreckStyle, Hectik and Eri" Going from competition to competition, then later working with Artists. Recording on albums scratching on turntables adding accents and flavor to HipHop songs.

When did you start doing this? I started DJ'ing in 1996 and went on all the way through 2010.

You are now the Editor/Director of Oishi Media, tell us what is Oishi Media about? OISHIMEDIA is a group of guys that started off as friends, a DJ (DjDuel, that's me), an MC (Bong), a BreakDancer (B-Boy Starskee), and a Video Game designer (CJ), that entered a commercial contest for a cereal company for fun. We had so much fun doing it, that we decided to make more videos. And now, almost 2 years later, we've worked with a lot of influential artists that we've always looked up to.

How many members does Oishi Media have and who are they? There are four of us. Starskee is our primary videographer, he takes all of my Direction and captures them on film exactly as I envision them. He also, assists in the editing and coloring of the film. CJ is our Visual FX Guru. Being professionally trained in the field of video game design, he takes his knowledge and uses it for all our Special FX needs. Bong is our technical adviser and helps us with photography. He creates the tools, and sets we need behind the scenes. Then there's me, I direct and do most of the editing. We usually come up with the storyline's and general creative ideas and present them to the Artist. We take the meaning of their work and translate it Visually. 
OISHI MEDIA Bong, Starskee, CJ, and DjDueL

You develop/promote talent, how do you choose your projects? We look for Artists that mean something to us. People with Art that contribute to the community. We look for artists that have good heads on their shoulders, and promote real life goodness.
Krystle Cruz of San Diego, aside from the obvious that she is very talented, tell us the story... how did Fall Out of Love happen? We had been working at the Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) for 2 years. We filmed the event, edited and created their first DVD for FPAC 19 & 20. This year at the 20th Anniversary of FPAC, we saw Krystle on stage for the 2nd year in a row. We caught up with her after her set, and interviewed her. Something about her (Krystle Cruz) felt comfortable with us. So a few months later, while editing the DVD project, we decided to reach out to her about working together. It just happened to be that she was close to our friends at, "Pnoy Apparel Clothing," and they vouched for her. 
Great thing is that she already had plans to do this video, but fell through. and it happened to be the song that we chose. So we met with her, we wrote a treatment, and set a date to film. We casted Keiante Glover as the male lead, and Carlena Britch as her best friend.
How did Oishi Media start? It's a pretty wild story. Unfortunately a really close friend of ours passed away, Armando Flores Jr. and a group of us that were really close fell into a deep depression. One of our youngest friends Starskee, was hurting really bad from this loss. It seemed the only thing that gets his mind off of things, was wanting to Film and Edit (what he did in high school). So one day while browsing Facebook, I saw an ad for a Video Contest by a Cereal Company. I asked Starskee, and CJ if they wanted to join (the competition), and we did. We had such a great time doing this, that we decided to keep making videos. Eventually our name started to spread really fast, and we started working with popular artists such as, "Bambu, the Rhythm Natives, Chicharon Adventures....etc" and that led us to the opportunity to film a promo video for Joe Bataan, that then led to the Festival of Philippines Arts & Culture.

Why Oishi Media? We thought of Video, and making video being so addictive that you'll be hungry for it. So we decided on the phrase, "Deliciousness for your Eyes and Ears." and OISHI meant delicious. Plus at that time, Sarap Media was taken by a myspace user. hahahaha  

The Oishi Media Booth @ Festival of Philippines Arts & Culture 2011

Tell us what were some of your favorite Filam Projects and why? Our favorite projects are working with Community Members. Such as the, "Neri's Curbside Cravings" food truck. and "Bambu" Both have great messages in their work, whether it be Filipino Pride in our Food and Culture, or a musical interpretation of having Filipino Pride in your community through the struggles of Street Life.

What challenges do you most have being the director of Oishi Media? The hardest part, is working with people that already have worked with other directors in the Hollywood circle. Only because they expect a lot more leniency, and more of a relaxed environment. When I direct, it's more emotional and personal. I try to get Actors and Actresses to feel what the character is feeling by using stronger words. Sometimes even having to offend them. But thats my job. To make sure that we capture your feelings and share them with the world.

What is Oishi Media's latest project? That would have to be Krystle Cruz's Video, "Fall out of Love." But we have more projects lined up for this first quarter of 2012 that should keep us on edge.

Dj Duel at the Roxy, Hollywood, Ca
Your support to the Filam talents are overwhelming, what do you like the most about the Filams? Filipinos in general are hardworking and amazingly talented people. Its our duty to showcase those who don't have the means to do so. I mean talent is a God Given gift, wouldn't it be irresponsible to not show this gift to the World? I mean, show that you appreciate the talent that God has given you.

What do you like the most about the Filipino Culture? Mannerisms. We are very mannered people. We have respect, loyalty, and Love for our family, friends, and kababayan.
Do you still visit Philippines? I haven't been there in so long. The last time I was in the Philippines we visited our family in Quezon City, and my mother's hometown, "Santa Cruz, Zambales."

What is your favorite Filipino Dish? This sounds crazy but I love a good Lechon. Nothing beats the taste of Filipino-cooked baboy. Especially if it's whole. If not that, then Laing. You can taste the flavor of the Philippines in every bite. from the Coconut milk, to the Taro leaves, to the signature chili. it's wonderful.

Success with Oishi Media is... showing that not all Filipinos need to be bound to traditional occupations. We showcase Filipino artists to prove that with hardwork, your talents can help your goals become achievable. And at the same time showing that we are a media group making it in the business.

Happiness to you is... finding inspiration in everything. It helps you find that Drive in your heart to chase the things you love.
Working, what is your biggest pet peeve? Tardiness. I have a thing about being on time, and when people are late, it really urks me. LOL
Did you have anyone that inspire you become who you are now? My Mother. She raised my sister and I on her own, and always believed in us. She never pressured me to be anyone else but myself.
To the young FilAms who want to make it in the industry what advise do you have for them? Work hard. If it was easy, it wouldn't be fun...!!!!--MaG
All photos courtesy of Oishi Media, All Rights Reserved


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