Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mae Flores as Rachel Lee in Atlantis Down

February 20, 2011 is a big day for Filipino-American actress Mae Flores as it will be the premier night for her movie, Atlantis Down at the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival in Hollywood.

There will be autograph signings, international media, as well as local Hollywood media there on hand to take part in this event.

My co-stars and friends, Michael Rooker from "The Walkind Dead", "Days of Thunder", "JFK" and "Slither" fame as well as "X-Files", "Lone Gunmen" star Dean Haglund will be there also. Let's not forget another friend and one of the lead actors of the movie, Greg Travis of "Showgirls" and "Starship Troopers" will also be there.

I am especially excited to see my Filipino friends and fans there who have been an inspiration and driving force in helping me achieve the things I have always wanted to do. This is for you.--Mae Flores wrote in her invitation to us for the premier.

Mae Flores (Rachel Lee in Atlantis Down) is born in Quezon City, Philippines. Mae started training for her career as early as 3 years old at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and moved here in America at the age 11 with her family where her mother and aunt "continued nurturing her in performing arts".

Atlantis Down is a SCI-FI futuristic movie in the year 2025...The Shuttle Program has been privatized and the shuttle Atlantis relegated to glorified taxi between space stations. Its crew is on a routine mission, conducting experiments - little do they know - they are the

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