Sunday, April 24, 2011

REVIEW: Zarlito's Family Restaurant

Zarlitos like most of the Filipino Restaurants in San Diego is in National City.  This place is actually a real restaurant, with right furnitures and really roomy. It is very clean and the servers are all in black T-shirt uniforms.  The service was very good and quick. 

The price is not bad either. They have a lot of combination meals with every Filipino food you can think of except for chop suey.   They also accept debit or credit purchase.

We visited for lunch today and I ordered, lechon kawali combo, my mother inlaw ordered camaron rebosado (deep fried shrimp) and the husband ordered tocino.

I don't know if it was because it was lunch or was it just today but the lechon kawali as well as the camaron rebosado looked liked it was refried. The lechon kawali was crispy though but the camaron rebosado was chewy and looked burnt.

The tocino did not taste like tocino. It was not even sweet. But the bihon and the lumpia shanghai tasted okay.

I should have asked what the specialty of the place is or maybe try visiting for dinner and see if the food would be better.  --MaG

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  1. We ate here at night and we were charged with. additional sc of 13.78 instead of paying $77. We never bother to asked thinking that it was a service charge. Isn't it too much charge?