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February 2014: THE FILIPINO-AMERICAN STORY Jen Amos, SocialTurtles turns One!

Jen Amos, SocialTurtles Marketing
Congratulations on the one year anniversary of SocialTurtles!
Thank you! I'm been told many times that nine out of ten businesses fail within their first year. So we're very proud to have made the cut!

What is SocialTurtles about?
In a nutshell, we are your social media relationship managers. We help set up your social media accounts, and more importantly we manage them for you. We create content, manage audience engagement, and measure our social media campaign effectiveness. We do all of this for the small business owner. Our slogan is, "We're social - so you don't have to be."

Your followers are your most important assets. SocialTurtles believes that if you provide value to your target audience, they will be attracted to you and look forward to your content. This will lead to loyal fans and eventually paying customers.

How did you pick the name?
I was originally going to call the company "Green Turtle Marketing." But when I realized that most of my opportunities in life had come from the relationships I've built, it only made sense to go with "SocialTurtles." 

See, "social" in SocialTurtles comes from the idea that we tend to trust and take recommendations from those we socialize with. The common saying goes, "People will do with or refer business to people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST." You can build trust through building rapport and providing value to people's lives.

Jen Amos-Co-Host The Filipinos Dec 14, 2013 SeaWorld San Diego
Dress by Andre Soriano
Jen Amos is Co-Founder Filipino Business & Professional NetworkPhoto with Fashion Designer Andre Soriano at Wells Fargo BankVolunteering for The Filipinos a benefit show for haiyan survivors

The "turtles" in SocialTurtles was inspired by my two pet turtles. Turtles live very consistent and long lives. They are also very resilient creatures. So when you put "SocialTurtles" together, it translates to, "Long-term relationships leads to a long-term business." The success and longevity of a business ultimately lies within it's loyal customers.

What made you choose this kind of business?
You know, it came naturally to me. I grew up with it. My aunt introduced me to online chat when I was in fifth grade, and I never looked back. I grew up being very tech savvy. I taught myself how to type. Also, I was an introvert growing up so I was always on the computer or playing video games. You can say the majority of my life has been looking at screens.

Well, I really got into the social media spectrum when I started blogging in 2002. I loved the idea that you can connect with people online better than in person sometimes. 

Fast forward to late 2012, I found through my professional networking experience that understanding social media was a talent. In fact, it was a desired skill by business owners. One night as I was blogging, I wrote about how cool it'd be if there was some type of social media management services out there. Then my light bulb lit up. I stayed up that whole night putting together a business plan. When I needed to relax, I looked at my turtles and knew what I wanted to name my company after.

I am a product of social media. So it was only natural to sell it as a service.

What was it like starting a business in the first few months?
I have to say, I had a lot of excitement and a lot of doubt. One of my biggest mentors kindly discouraged me. I knew that I had competition. I was worried about what people would think of me for starting a new business. I was already running another business at this time.

But I pushed forward anyway. Thanks to my new associations, I bought their confidence in me to make it happen. I always wanted to have my own start up company and I knew that this was my opportunity. My dreams were bigger than my fears.

You are big in networking how do you balance time and making connections at the same time be productive?
One word: calendar. I schedule EVERYTHING: networking events, one-on-one meetings, follow up calls, projects, you name it. I'm also a big list person. I have a very elaborate to do list. I even have thoughtful lists like movies or books that people recommend to me. I was told at a very young age, "what is not written down will be forgotten in history." Goals that are not written down are merely wishes.

When you are in a networking event how do you decide if someone is a good connection?
I've come to learn that success is a numbers game, and fortune is in the follow up. Anyone that I have a good connection with is generally a good contact for me. But it's after the event when you really discover who people are toward you. For example, if I consistently follow up with someone (I've been told that I'm a 'Follow Up' Queen) and never hear from them, they aren't a good contact for me. It doesn't matter to me what their reason is; any excuse will do. I just move on to new contacts. A good number of people that are most responsive to me usually end up doing business with me or they win my business. Those are great contacts.

Do you have a process after these events?
Yes. Usually after an event I will: (1) Record a new contact in my database and take note on how we met; (2) Send a 'nice meeting you' email or call them depending on how we connected; (3) Schedule a one-on-one meeting to learn more about them and how we can help each other with our businesses. I also save our meeting notes in my database; (4) Do business together or keep in touch depending on our conversations.
Jen Amos, seats at the board of Eastlake Business Association
 and is a Contributing Writer to Our Hometown Magazine

Tell us about 2013 what were the highlights of the year?
From the top of my head...

Joining the Eastlake Business Association - the main things I got from this group was networking experience, new business friends/partnerships, and business. EBA introduced me to Melanie Garcia of! Together we co-founded FBPN.

Co-founding FBPN - we had our first meeting on the second Wednesday of January 2013. Today, we have two chapters, one in Chula Vista & in Mira Mesa. Very proud!

Getting my business license for SocialTurtles - making this decision was definitely a life changer.

Hosting The Filipinos Charity Event during my birthday weekend. That was really fun. I had the honor to wear three dresses from celebrity fashion designer, Andre Soriano.

You are cofounder at fbpn, tell us about it?
The Filipino Business & Professional Network (FBPN) are for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to: (1) Associate, network and do business with like-minded people; (2) Share a product or service and are interested in increasing their client base; and (3) Help strengthen the Filipino Community through entrepreneurship and professionalism.

The meeting begins with open networking. This allows time for people to make new friends or catch up with old ones. Then, we get everyone seated and begin the program. We start off with an introduction about FBPN and 30-second commercials. 30-second commercials are opportunities for attendees to introduce themselves, their company and their ideal referrals. Once everyone has gone, we have an educational speaker share a topic benefitial to the attendees. The meeting closes off with announcements, testimonials and more networking.

On a personal level, FBPN has been my way of actively associating myself with fellow Filipino entrepreneurs. I didn't grow up with any Filipino entrepreneur role models. But I knew that I had to be the change I wanted to see. What I love most about Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals are their philosophies. Most of them are very proactive, solution-oriented, opinionated, independent, open-minded, understanding, collaborative, positive, insightful, entertaining and overall inspiring individuals to be around. I can go on and on with about the individuals I've met through FBPN. Simply said, they are the type of people that motivate me to be the best entrepreneur I can be.

Today FBPN has two chapters: Chula Vista & Mira Mesa. I highly recommend that you check out our Meetup page ( and schedule a time to check out one of our events! I'm very proud to say that I've done business with a good amount of the committed attendees.

Tell us where you see yourself 5yrs from now?
I learned a while back that if I want to live a certain lifestyle, I have to start living it now. When I think about the future, I think about what I have to do now to make that future possible. With that said, I see myself doing the same things I'm already doing, just on a grander scale.

I see FBPN growing internationally. I see my first business rewarding me with residual income. I see myself running a team of independent contractors for SocialTurtles. And lastly, I see myself more heavily involved with the community. Five years from now, I will be more than ready to be a work-from-home mom.

In my room, I have an affirmation note on my wall that reads, "I am a successful business woman, community leader, and work-from-home mom." 

I don't have kids yet, but when I do become a mother, it'll mean three things: I've attained financial freedom, I have complete control of how I choose to live my life, and I am living out my dreams.

Any tips to our entrepreneurs on social media?
The best social media tool is the one you use CONSISTENTLY. If you're simply paying someone to set up your account, you're wasting your time. If you're new to social media, understand that learning how to use it is VERY time consuming. It might even take you away from your business. Otherwise, be consistent or hire SocialTurtles. We'll be your social media managers


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