Monday, April 29, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Ascend Announces the formation of AscendNAAMBA

April 20, 2013, New York – Ascend announced the National Association of Asian MBAs (NAAMBA) has officially joined Ascend to create the largest non-profit membership organization focused on the leadership development and advancement of Pan-Asians in global business.

The announcement was made at Ascend’s Inspiring Across Generations Regional Conference on April 20th held at New York’s Yankee Stadium. President of the Ascend Board of Directors, Jeff Chin, shared the news with nearly 1,000 in attendance at the conference. “NAAMBA’s focus on MBA’s and universities is a natural complement to Ascend’s network of Pan-Asian business professionals. We are thrilled to have NAAMBA join the Ascend family, and further our collective mission to bring our community together to create a greater impact.  Our relevancy to our corporate partners and Asian professionals, not only here in the U.S. but also internationally, will continue to grow.”

By joining forces, NAAMBA will be recognized as AscendNAAMBA, the MBA component of Ascend, and will continue to offer robust development programs designed to cultivate Pan-Asian talent and professional advancement.  Lily Tang, Chair of the NAAMBA Board of Directors, envisions a future with global expansion through regional chapters. “Ascend and the new AscendNAAMBA share a non-profit mission focused on giving back to the Pan-Asian community which allows us to make the best of our collaboration with corporate partners and universities.  It’s a model that will continue to serve our members well.”
Both Ascend and NAAMBA have served Pan-Asian business professionals for many years as separate organizations. The new alliance provides an excellent opportunity to identify and cultivate highly sought after Pan-Asian talent and future leadership for America.

Ascend and AscendNAAMBA will celebrate coming together with a joint National Convention and career fair on August 23-26, 2013 at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Thereafter, the plan is to have AscendNAAMBA hold its own National Convention and career fair.
 There will also be mentoring programs to bring the former NAAMBA students together with Ascend professionals to create a seamless pipeline of Pan-Asian executive talent. Other national and local programs include the ERG Council, Executive Insight Series, LEAD Series, Women of Ascend, Mentorship, Inspiring Across Generations Regional Leadership Conferences, Advance Leadership Program for Asian Executives at Stanford University and the National Convention.
About Ascend

Ascend is the premier non-profit professional organization dedicated in enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians.  Ascend promotes critical leadership
skills, mentoring and career advancement from students to CXOs, serving as a collective voice for the Pan-Asian community. Ascend spans 16 professional, 2 regional MBA and 27 undergraduate student chapters across the United States and Canada, reaching over 20,000 people in just 7 years. Our members include corporations, professionals, students and MBAs.  For more information about Ascend, visit or contact Jennifer Aderis at 212-248-4888 or
About AscendNAAMBA

The new AscendNAAMBA will continue to focus on the Pan-Asian MBA population, both foreign and domestic by leveraging key relationships developed with major universities and business schools. Before joining Ascend, NAAMBA operated four national conferences attracting corporate sponsors from a wide range of industries, as well as, two international conferences, in partnership with the MBA Career Services Council. For more information about AscendNAAMBA, contact Robina Singh at 914-356-4184 or

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