Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TheFilAm Answers: Studying in the Philippines to Avoid Getting Into Debt

A young FilAm wrote us a question....and so I will try my best to answer it and if you feel you a feedback as well to share please do!

"I'm a Filipino high school student here in CA and I'm on my senior year. I just have a question regarding going back to school in the Philippines to study nursing there. Can I go to the Philippines and study nursing there as opposed to studying in here? I don't want to have a 50k debt once I finish nursing here that's why I'm considering studying in the Philippines.
Thanks"- MC

I think it is a very smart move to go to Philippines and study nursing! As far as I know the education from the Philippines is recognized here ( I know mine is), the only thing that you need to do (after finishing Bachelor of Science in Nursing) is pass the test here in America called I believe CGFNS. This test will validate that your knowledge learned in the Philippines passed the criteria here in America.

If you are American Citizen then you need a student visa to go to the Philippines and study. This allows you to stay for longer period of times without being required to leave the country.  To apply for a visa to the Philippines, please contact/visit the Philippine Consular Office for details.

I also suggest asking Registered Nurses that recently migrated here from the Philippines I am sure they will have more accurate answers for you on what to to do!

I hope that helps, Good Luck!--MaG

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